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How tarot cards can help you in your life – My top 10

If you think Tarot is not useful for your life and is just a dubious instrument of divination, think again. This amazing tool can help you in real life more than you can imagine!

If you doubt it, see my tips and advice about this practical and magical instrument.

When we see tarot cards in movies, they are always in two genres, either it is horror and the drawing of the cards serves as a harbinger of something terrible that is about to happen or it is a romantic comedy and helps to make the story fuller of conflicts and twists. So, I’m going to start this text by saying that Tarot is nothing like that. Even if it has its divinatory aspect and we can, somehow, quickly peek through the crack of reality to some near future, the Tarot is essentially an instrument of self-knowledge and, for that very reason, extremely applicable to our day to day and our practical life, our routine.

And that’s why I decided to make a top 10 with some tips and suggestions on how Tarot can help you in practice! This is not a list in order of importance, because you are the one who will decide how Tarot will change your life.

Come with me?


01 – Tarot is for everyone

You don’t have to be mystical, religious or connected to the supernatural to participate in a Tarot reading session. Not everyone wants or has the time to study this complex art. Then leave it to the professionals what is up to them, interpreting and mediating the reading of the cards for your life. Just allow yourself and listen to every word. If you chose a good professional for your reading, the tips will be very valuable!

02 – The best adviser is the one who doesn’t know you

I’m going to say a hard truth here, everyone who knows you will give you biased advice. Even those who love you won’t be able to give you unbiased advice most of the time. Because people have feelings towards you and whether it’s hate or love, it can make rationality more difficult to give a direct opinion. Tarot will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The impartiality of this oracle may scare you at first, but you’ll be grateful for it later.

03 – Tarot is good for the soul

Even though the Tarot’s words may seem harsh at times, you can be sure that your soul is being cared for at that moment. We often take care of our body, our bank account and forget that the only guarantee of our continuity is in the soul. Tarot will speak to your entire existence and, above all, to your soul.

04 – It’s art!

Tarot is much more than an oracle, it is an instrument that holds artistic, historical and memorial wealth. There are thousands of tarot cards in the world and all of them have their artistic richness and tell or keep stories of the times and circumstances that were made. So, the tarot is culture and art. And what’s wrong with becoming a little more cultured, right?

05 – The most reflective mirror

There is no tool for reflection and self-knowledge deeper and clearer than the Tarot. I dare say that divination is the smallest part of this instrument, because knowing yourself deeply you know where you should go. This is where Tarot becomes perfect, because it reflects the reflection you need to see, who you really are, without the filters and illusions we create. And that will be very good for you!

06 – It’s good for your mind

We often have difficult decisions ahead of us and we reason a lot to balance the emotional and rational aspects, because it is not a few times in life that reason and emotion come into conflict. Tarot will help you decide which way you should go at that moment to make your decision.

07 – It’s good for your pocket

Decisions involving the professional aspects and money are always very difficult. Tarot won’t make you money, it won’t work for you, but it will clear your mind about your real possibilities for continuity or professional change and the chances of you being more successful are greater. The very reflection that the tarot provides on your paths will already make you wiser in the decisions you need to make.

08 – It’s good for the heart

More difficult than professional decisions most of the time are decisions about relationships. In this regard, a human being accommodates, gives up or even doesn’t even try. The fear of disappointment in love is very common and unfortunately leaves us emotionally stagnant. Tarot suggestions and advice can bring new movement to our heart’s car and make us escape the dangerous roads or get out of them!

09 – Do you want to learn how to read letters? You can!

Tarot isn’t easy, but neither is riding a bike, until it becomes easy! Everything good in life depends on your effort and commitment and this type of study is no different. The advantage is that nowadays there are hundreds of reputable courses, many books and knowledge about the thousands of tarots that exist in the world. So just make an effort and in a short time you will be able to start doing readings for yourself and who knows, other people.

10 – You will be part of a community

Whether as a Tarot scholar or someone who regularly consults tarot readers, you will begin to be part of an entire worldwide community that believes in the power of the cards. I cannot say that all people will be kind, incredible and honest, because the human species has its flaws, but I can say with certainty that you will find a majority of special people, concerned with their own well-being and the collective well-being and this is very rewarding. Knowing that there are millions of people who seek self-improvement and better themselves as human beings and you will be a part of that!


This was my short list on how Tarot can change your life for the better. I hope you enjoyed.

See you soon!

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